Nomad Oven PRO with Secondary Burn

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Nomad Oven PRO with Secondary Burn


Comes complete with 2.4m stainless steel flue, guy rope ring kit to stabilize the flue pipe, 1x stainless steel pan rack extending your cooking area, poker tool for removal and replacement of the top loader and hotplate, ash removal pan.

Product Info:

The Karma Canvas Nomad Oven Pro is the UK’s first multi option tent stove offering efficient re-burning of the wood gases to insure a clean burn and low fuel use.  This multiple application tent stove delivers up to 4KW of heat and provides high and low power setting from the adjustable hot plate cut out.  This stove bakes, fries, grills and boils water while heating your tent all in one unit!

This really is the cleanest burning portable tent stove on the UK market giving you the absolute maximum amount of energy and heat using the minimum amount of fuel allowing you to burn much more responsibly with little to no smoke from the flue when the primary intake is closed down and the secondary gasification is enabled.

With the secondary combustion enabled you will see the flames dancing around he airflow holes at the top of the fire box and little jets of gas burning as they exit the wood.

The secondary gasification system combusts all hot flue gases and fumes, like methane and carbon monoxide, at the top of the fire box so everything is utilized and next to no emissions are expelled from the flue.

This is perfect for use in tents when carbon monoxide issues can be a concern, or when at campsites where you are located closely to other tents and need to keep flue pipe smoke to a minimum.

Due to its compact but solid construction, it can literally go where other stoves cannot! With the fully welded heavy duty firebox and multi fuel grate and ash removal pan, the Nomad Oven PRO Stove is also perfect for more permanent installations.

This model has a brilliantly integrated oven with baking tray and grill built in, with a window and thermometer on the oven door.

The Nomad Oven PRO Stove offers an extra large cooking surface with a removable hotplate cover that has two cooking settings and can be fitted with the supplied oven rack to enable outdoor grilling directly on the hotplate.  It also comes with 1x removable stainless steel pan rack that conveniently fits to the left side of the hotplate to further extend your cooking area.

* Secondary ventilation ensuring efficient clean combustion.
* Sustainable clean burning, utilizing minimal fuel.
* Integrated oven with glass window and thermometer.
* Built in glass window in the door.
* Integrated spark arrester in flue pipe.
* Extra long upgraded 2. 4mtr 60mm stainless steel flue pipe.
* Fully welded heavy duty firebox complete with a multi fuel ash grate.
* Ash pan so you can remove any ash from fire box.
* Air control primary regulator.
* Secondary combustion intake.
* Removable top loader.
* Boil, Fry, or Wok (High power hotplate Cook top Cutout).
* Low Firepower Cooking (Reverse the hotplate Cook top Cut-out).
* Outdoor Grilling, with Grill Rack that fits into Hotplate Cut-out.
* Stove Hotplate is Heavy Gauge Steel to Insure Long Stove Life.
* Legs fold away for storage and transportation.
* Size 250mm x 250mm x 550mm Weight 25kg
* Comes ready with all the fittings to add our optional side mounted water boiler with brass tap for an endless supply of hot water.

Amazingly, this beautiful Nomad Oven Pro Stove offers between 3 & 4 kw of heat but only weighs in at 25kg, the extra long heavy duty 2.4m stainless steel flue pipe with built in spark arrestor stops any stray sparks or hot ash coming in contact with your canvas.

Please note that using dry hardwood is the recommended fuel of choice and significantly improves the duration and efficiency of burn.

Free Shipping UK Mainland only.  For Islands/Highlands, EU and Worldwide please contact our office for a quotation.

Our Nomad PRO Stove range is protected by way of registered design in the UK, Australia, and other relevant territories.


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