Fireproof Canvas Stove Hole Cover

£39.00 inc VAT

Fireproof Canvas Stove Exit Cover

Product Info:

This fireproof stove hole cover is a DIY option designed to be sewn onto your tents desired stove exit location.
The cover can be rolled back when in use and secured with toggles exposing the stove exit hole. It also seals and neatly covers the flue exit hole on your tent giving you a professional, water tight finish when your woodburning stove is not required.

Created from two layers of 40cm x 40cm 360gsm fireproof canvas which are held down with a tight waterproof velcro seal.

The internal stove hole is designed to accommodate a flashing kit for a 60mm flue, however other sizes of flues and flashing kits can be accommodated by trimming back the canvas to the desired diameter.

****Please note this stove cover is designed to be used in conjunction with a heat resistant flashing kit ****

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