6m Bell Tent Cover/Protector

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Karma Canvas 6M Bell Tent Cover/Protector


Product Info:

Our bell tent protector cover is a great addition for your bell tent and a great accessory all year round. It’s ideal for protection against the elements like the sun, rain, and wind.

You can prolong the lifespan of your bell tent with this stylish bell tent cover. It’s made from Our Oxford fabric , this means it’s very hardwearing against the elements, light, and quick to dry. The protector cover can also add another layer of insulation for your bell tent in lower temperatures.

It’s also easier to maintain as it does not require re-proofing, and it’s simple to erect and take down. It can be used as a super handy freestanding tarp or shelter.

Our bell tent protector covers can work as stand alone shelters or a sunshade with just a centre pole and A-frame!


  • Bell tent protector cover which protects your bell tent from rain, sun, tree sap and leaves.
  • Made for your 6m Karma Bell Tent
  • Includes 15 reflective flecked guy ropes.
  • Overhang of 15-20cm
  • Made of our oxford fabric
  • Drawstring carrier bag
  • Weight 8Kg
  • Diameter 6m



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