What size tent do I need?

3M – Small and sweet, the 3m is perfect for 1 or can squeeze 2 sharing MAX! (L 3m x W 3m x H 2m)

4M – Perfect for 2 sharing, but also works well for families of up to 4. (L 4m x W 4m x H 2.5m)

5M – Best choice for 4+ and total luxury for any less! (L 5m x W 5m x H 3.5m)

6M – A favourite with groups of 6+ and larger families, the head height is fantastic. (L 6m x W 6m x H 3.5m)

7M – This tent is huge, cathedral like even! A really luxurious choice, perfect for special occasions and large gatherings! (L 7m x W 7m x H 4m)

LOTUS – New for 2018! The Lotus’s unique design boasts a very roomy feel inside, with 2 doors and huge windows, it falls somewhere in-between a bell tent and a yurt but with it’s own very special twist! The space inside is incredibly generous! (L 4m x W 4m x H 3m)