Festival FAQs

Are the bell tents suitable for wheelchair users?

Yes.  More than happy to prioritize bookings and provide convenient & priority access upon prior request where we can.  Please contact the office to arrange this and for any advice, if needed, on the best tent size to go for etc.

Are there loos/showers in the bell tent area?

Most festivals supply toilets in the boutique camping area, and some put in showers too, but if you need to know for sure please contact us directly.

Are tickets to the festival included in the boutique camping package/price?

No, festival tickets are not included in our prices and must be purchased separately via the festival website.

Are we able to pitch a small nylon tent next to the bell tent?

Unfortunately, no.

Can friends from general camping visit us?

Sorry, no.  In the interest of security, and peace, we must insist that only boutique campers have access to the area and wristbands will be given to all Karma guests at check-in.

Can we cook inside the tent?

Sorry, no, cooking is not permitted inside the tent and must be done outside, away from the canvas.

Can we lock our tent?

Yes, the tents can be locked using the 3 zips that meet at the base of the door when shut.  We can allocate you a padlock and key upon request for a £5 returnable deposit.

Can we put a gazebo up next to the bell tent?

No, sorry.

Can we smoke inside the tent?

No, there is a strict ‘no smoking’ policy within our canvas structures.

Cancellation Policy.

* We offer a full refund on bookings up to 1 month before the event takes place however a £15 administration charge will apply to cancellations after 14 days of the booking/deposit being made.

* For cancellations within the first half of the month (4 weeks) before the start of the event, 50% of the full price will be refunded.

* For cancellations within 2 weeks of the start date of the event, bookings are 100% non refundable.

Do I need to print my booking confirmation? Do I need any special paperwork?

No need to print, and no further info will be sent prior to the festival aside your booking confirmation sent by e-mail at the time of booking. (This goes for bookings made via our website or over the office phone).

Do Karma Canvas provide a device charging service in the area?

Yes, please ask at reception and we’ll help you stay connected.

Do we need to let you know when we leave/check out?

Only if it’s a particularly early check out for an unexpected reason otherwise no, you don’t have to let us know you’re leaving.

Do you take payment in full at the time of booking or can we pay a deposit?

For single bell tent bookings we take payment in full.

Happy to take a deposit and set up a payment installment plan for Hen/Stag do’s and large party bookings – please call the office to arrange this.

How do we find you at the festival?

Once parked and inside the festival with wristbands, head towards the boutique camping field.  The festival should have signs pointing in the right direction and stewards will also know if you are stuck.  When there, look out for the Karma Canvas boutique camping signs and head towards the Karma Reception tent – sometimes there might be more than one boutique camping supplier in the field!

How will I know which tent is mine?

At reception, Karma Canvas staff will be waiting to welcome you to the area,  and you’ll be shown to your tent from there.  All tents are numbered so you can find it again!

Is it far to walk from the car park to the bell tents/boutique camping field?

Each festival differs, and even regular events can move us around from year to year, so if you need exacts it’s best to e-mail or call us for an update on a specific event.

Our friends are also booking a Karma Canvas tent, can we be near them?

Yes, sure, so long as you notify us prior to the event and let us know lead names of each booking we can make sure you’re pitched next to each other.

What do we need to bring?

A few ideas, however not essential…

* Warm & cosy bedding e.g sleeping bag, duvet, pillows, blankets. This only applies if you have not already hired bedding from us. TIP – sometimes the air mattress’s can feel cool during cold nights so bringing a blanket/duvet to place on top of the air bed (even though we always cover every air bed with a fitted sheet) is a good idea for extra warmth and comfort.

* Torch/lantern (we provide fairy lights inside the tent but it can be dark for late night toilet trips etc)

* Camping table & Chairs (we provide wooden table and chairs but this is only included in LUX package)

* Suitable clothing for all weathers (wellies, trainers & flip flops!) – lots of clothing layers is a good idea and a waterproof coat.  Hats, sunglasses & fancy dress / face paint etc.

* Food and drink for in-tent snacks.  Cool boxes are handy to keep things fresh.  Festivals always have a wide selection of food/drink vendors on site but it’s wise to have nibbles and water in your tent as well. There is often a general store on site for consumables like milk, bread etc.

* Water carrier/vessel. Drinking water taps are installed in the area or close to boutique camping.

* Gas camping stove if you plan on cooking breakfast etc.  These are normally allowed but not for use inside the tent and must be raised off the grass.

* Cups / cutlery / plates / kettle and wash up liquid and washing up bowl if plan on cooking.

* Cash for vendors however often there are cash points on site but this is not guaranteed.

* Towel and toiletries.  Toilets and showers are provided in the boutique camping areas at most events.

* A trolley / cart if you have, especially with kids,making navigating the site much easier and more fun.  Also very useful for carting gear from car to tent, and back.

What if our air beds go down?

The Karma reception tent will be open at certain times each day (black board outside will specify daily times for each event) – please either come see us or leave a note on the desk if reception is closed and someone will be along asap to inflate or replace the bed.

What size tent do I need?

3M – Small and sweet, the 3m is perfect for 1 or can squeeze 2 sharing MAX! (L 3m x W 3m x H 2m)

4M – Perfect for 2 sharing, but also works well for families of up to 4. (L 4m x W 4m x H 2.5m)

5M – Best choice for 4+ and total luxury for any less! (L 5m x W 5m x H 3.5m)

6M – A favourite with groups of 6+ and larger families, the head height is fantastic. (L 6m x W 6m x H 3.5m)

7M – This tent is huge, cathedral like even! A really luxurious choice, perfect for special occasions and large gatherings! (L 7m x W 7m x H 4m)

LOTUS – New for 2018! The Lotus’s unique design boasts a very roomy feel inside, with 2 doors and huge windows, it falls somewhere in-between a bell tent and a yurt but with it’s own very special twist! The space inside is incredibly generous! (L 4m x W 4m x H 3m)

What’s included in a ‘bedding pack’?

Double Pack – 2 x pillows, 1 x 13.5 TOG double duvet (all covered with linen).

Single Pack – 1 x pillow, 1 x 13.5 TOG single duvet (all covered with linen).

TIP:  The air beds can get cold at night (this feedback vary’s from person to person and depends a lot on the temperature outside) so it can be useful to bring an extra blanket or duvet to cover it, even when hiring the bedding pack from us.  * All our air mattresses are covered with a cotton fitted sheet *

Will Karma Canvas staff be around during the festival if there’s an issue with our tent?

Yes, all weekend.  If reception is not open and you need us please either leave a note on the board inside reception or text a message to 07811177728 or 07791539504.